Buying Your Sheet Music – Speedily

Thanks to Maryellen and Olivia, we will introduce a new ‘speedy sheet music buying system’ at rehearsal tomorrow so please be prepared.

  • There will be four separate sheet music tables, one for each part.
  • Come early and make your way straight to your ‘part table’.
  • Please bring exact change (or closest to exact as possible).  Large notes can’t be handled for obvious reasons and IOU’s are too difficult to coordinate.

NEW SHEET MUSIC: Everyone can buy the three entirely new pieces as a ‘pack’ – West Side Story Medley, Any Dream Will Do and Love Changes Everything.  The pack will cost €5.50

PHOTOCOPIED PIECES (previously performed by choir): Can be purchased by new members and those who signed Maryellen’s list before Christmas.

  • Speed Your Journey: €1
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water: €1
  • When the Saints: €1
  • The Lord Bless You: 50c
Cantique de Jean Racine: Red Book