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Teaser ….

This familiar duo has been involved with Dublin County Choir for many years, but what year did this picture feature in a Dublin County Choir concert programme?

Pub Quiz – The Goat Grill on March 23rd

The annual Dublin County Choir pub quiz will take place on Friday, March 23rd in the Goat Grill.  It promises an energetic, entertaining and fun evening and offers a great opportunity to get to know choir members in a ‘different’ setting.

Thanks in advance to Carol Kenna and Kieran McAllister for organising the event again this year.



Buying Your Sheet Music – Speedily

Thanks to Maryellen and Olivia, we will introduce a new ‘speedy sheet music buying system’ at rehearsal tomorrow so please be prepared.

  • There will be four separate sheet music tables, one for each part.
  • Come early and make your way straight to your ‘part table’.
  • Please bring exact change (or closest to exact as possible).  Large notes can’t be handled for obvious reasons and IOU’s are too difficult to coordinate.

NEW SHEET MUSIC: Everyone can buy the three entirely new pieces as a ‘pack’ – West Side Story Medley, Any Dream Will Do and Love Changes Everything.  The pack will cost €5.50

PHOTOCOPIED PIECES (previously performed by choir): Can be purchased by new members and those who signed Maryellen’s list before Christmas.

  • Speed Your Journey: €1
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water: €1
  • When the Saints: €1
  • The Lord Bless You: 50c
Cantique de Jean Racine: Red Book